Thursday, April 02, 2009

Will just being a great baby! Every night I just pray that he keeps his sweet disposition!

Paige enjoying some air time with Grandma and Grandpa Mitchell!

Here's mom and dad on the camel.

Caleb did his first ever rock climbing adventure and now thinks he is a spider monkey.

Time at the Arizona Zoo

Grandma and Grandpa came to visit us in AZ and we took them on a camel ride at the AZ zoo.

New Update

This is a picture of our 3 children in front of the Mesa, AZ temple. Yes, we have had a third since we last updated our blog, even though I promised to be better last time. None, the less, here is Caleb (4), Paige (3), and Will (6 months). We spent a couple of months in Arizona in January and February and got out of the bitter cold in Rochester, MN. It was a blast!

Sunday, November 04, 2007

Time for an Update! November 4, 2007

Hi Everyone! I know, we have been terrible at keeping our blog up to date, however we vow to do better so don't give up on us. We made it through Scott's intern year in Roanoke, VA. (Perhaps not updating the blog for over a year can give you an idea of what the intern year was like.) We are now back in Rochester, MN and Scott is happily engaged in an Anesthesia residency. Caleb has now stopped asking why "Daddy just wears his pajama's and sleeps at the hospital" all of the time, because we are actually seeing him this year. No really, we are glad to be back in our home, the kids have grown so much in the past year and life is exciting.

We hope to keep you better informed in our day to day mundanes...hope everyone is enjoying the great fall season (we are starting to really miss Virginia right about now!)

The monkey and the Lady bug.
Paige rolling around in the leaves.
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Caleb dressed up like a monkey for Halloween. October 31st is the ONLY day of the year when Caleb asks US to hurry when walking around the neighborhood.
Yes, there is a boy in that monkey suit.
Paige was a ladybug for halloween. It didn't take long for her to pick up on the whole concept.
Enough pictures all ready. Let's go get some candy!!!
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On a rainy fall day we went to a nearby apple orchard to pick apples. Despite the wet conditions, we had a great time.
Paige does a lot of things just the way she wants to. For example, rather than just blowing dandylion seeds, she instead puts them into her mouth and then spits them out.
It's a bird, it's a plane, no it is Caleb soaring through the air while jumping into a pile of leaves.
Caleb has been asking for a mask so that he could dress up like a fireman. I tried to suggest that he looked like a doctor, but Caleb insisted that firemen wear masks.
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With the growing number of strollers, bikes, toys etc, it was time to build a shed. Two weeks behind schedule, we finally finished.

Paige hanging out in the back yard.

Caleb wants to be a fireman during the day and a dump truck driver at night when he grows up.

"I'm ready for church!!"
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Wednesday, July 12, 2006

The entire family...we made it through 4 years, here's to 4 more! Posted by Picasa

Scott and Lindsey at graduation. Posted by Picasa

Scott and his parents with his hard earned Medical Degree...Thanks for all of your support ! Posted by Picasa

Caleb, Scott, and Grandma and Grandpa Cantwell at the transportation fair, Caleb is saying "Please no more pictures, leave me in peace to eat my sucker." Posted by Picasa

Caleb putting on one of his best smiles while Paige looks at me "Should I really trust him?" Posted by Picasa

These really are my natural baby blues.. Posted by Picasa

What a sweetie! Posted by Picasa

Hey Dad, is this an abnormally large cow, I'll bet she can produce a lot of milk...can we take her home? Posted by Picasa

Caleb feeding the animals at the fair. Posted by Picasa

Our multiple daily routine is laying down the kids for diaper changes, they love to laugh at each other. Posted by Picasa

Hey Dad, if you would get out of my tube I wouldn't have to work so hard. Posted by Picasa

Paige wrapped up after her first swimming experience at our pool, she loved it. Posted by Picasa

Do I really need to explain this? Posted by Picasa